Inspection Services

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Inspection Services

HKIC inspectors check your product against your approval sample and specifications to meet a range of requirements including passing AQL standards of your destination market. HKIC will arrange our experienced inspectors to conduct the on-site inspection for you. The inspection report with photos will be sent to you by email in the next working day.

Before production begins, HKIC will assess all materials, components and production methods used according to the given specifications and measurement.


Initial Production Check (IPC)

Before production begins, HKIC will assess all materials, components and production methods used with your specifications and measurement.


During Production Check (DUPRO)

In the early stage of production, HKIC randomly inspects the first batch of finished products for any defects. This will allow our inspectors to identify early problems and suggest corrections and improvements to the factory. At the same time, status reports are issued to our clients.


Final Random Inspection (FRI) or Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

The final inspection takes place after production is completed, packed and ready for shipment. HKIC inspectors will select samples at random from the packed cartons. Samples are selected according to a statistical random-sampling program, known as the ABC Standard Sampling Plan (equivalent to MIL-STD-105E), which has been widely used for international inspection. If the result is satisfactory, or within Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL), an inspection certificate will be issued upon the client's request to enable the shipment of goods and to authorize payment from buyer.


100% Inspection

According to the requirements of the customer and the specified inspection to do the full inspection, check that all finished products meet customer specified standards or requirements.


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