Scope of Products for Inspection

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Scope of Products for Inspection

  1. Textiles and Garments
  2. Bags
  3. Toys and children's products
  4. Electrical and electronic products(IT Products, Home Appliances, Electrical Audio and Videos, Lightings, Electrical Vehicles, Beauty Products)
  5. House ware
  6. Gifts and premiums
  7. Sundries and stationary
  8. Printing and Packaging
  9. Clocks and watches(Mechanical, Analog, Digital, Bluetooth, Intelligent)
  10. Cosmetic products
  11. Packaging materials and paper products
  12. Intelligent Products (Smartphone, Tablets, Intelligent Electrical & Electronic Products)
  13. Wireless Produsts (Bluetooth & Wireless Products)
  14. Drone (Aerial photography)
  15. Window Inspection Service
  16. Housing Flat Inspection Service
  17. ECO Home Inspection Service


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