Loading Supervision

In addition to general random inspections and 100% inspections, HKIC inspection services can also provide loading supervision services.  Our inspection team will professionally supervise the loading site to check the quantity, markings and carton condition of the goods. Samples will be randomly selected from the carton, labelled to avoid replacement.  Each container is also ensured to be well-sealed and has the seal number(s) of the relevant container seal correctly recorded.

Loading Supervision services include:

Record container related conditions (for example: weather temperature, container number, truck number, etc.)

Check the packaging method of the product, including specifications, carton size,   etc.

Count and confirm the correct number of containers and the quantity of goods loaded into each container

Record the container loading process and the seal number of the container seal

HKIC’s loading supervision can ensure that your cargo is handled safely and correctly, avoiding the potential high cost of damage and delay due to improper handling.