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Full Inspection

100%  Product Quality Guarantee- The effective way to manage your risk

A full inspection is conducted after all products have been 100% manufactured.  By inspecting each piece of products, defects can be sorted out per quality standard or client’s specification.  It can ensure your shipment is under quality control and free from potential high rate of defects.  Especially for products that are high-value, or have strict safety requirements and low tolerance for defects.

Benefits for Full Inspection
  1. Inspecting each product to ensure product quality is up to standard;
  2. All defective products can be counted and taken away;
  3. Customer’s satisfaction can be improved as saved return.
About STC

STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) is the first independent, not-for-profit testing, inspection and certification organization in Hong Kong.  Since its establishment in 1963, STC has been dedicated to providing professional, reliable and comprehensive testing and inspection services, and issuing the highest quality reports to ensure product compliance with relevant technical and safety requirements while keeping pace with the development of trade and industry.

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