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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

 Pre-shipment Inspection – Security Key for Your Products to Meet Qualifications on Standards and Contracts 

What is Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)?

PSI is a key step in freight shipping that assures your production complying with specifications of the buyer and/ or the terms of a purchase order.

Normally, PSI is conducted on 100% finished products with at least 80% of the order has been packed for shipment.
Our PSI criteria cover quantity and quality check, defects identification and ensure products meeting the safety requirements of destination markets.

You Benefits:

PSI can help and ensure your order has been produced to specifications before shipment.

・Verify quality to reduce the risk of receiving defective goods
・Avoid product returns to minimize costly risk and shipment delay
・Suggest corrective measures and actions to avoid brand damages

Why HKIC ?

・Professional & experienced inspection team
         – Qualified inspectors and detailed performance on technical solutions.
・Competitive service package
         – Fast response and flexible scheduling. solutions.
・Worldwide network
         – International network providing a global presence.